Course Finder Overview

  • The Course Finder was developed to provide an overall view of all Amway Academy courses in
    each market
  • This overall view can be helpful to Amway business partners with business in more than one country, which means
    that Account Managers can more easily guide and assist their Leaders who have single market and multiple market businesses
  • Account managers, you may decide to use Amway Academy as a tool when devising the business plan with your leaders, the Course Finder will help you to identify educational support that can be used to increase volume (PV) or support qualified months

  • Some leaders might already use this English version from early 2017, they might use the Course Finder when doing their planning with their group to identify support that can used to increase volume (PV) or support qualified months

Getting started with the Course Finder

Beauty: by clicking on this icon, you will be directed to courses that cover skincare, colour cosmetics, personal care, fragrances and hair care training themes. This includes brands such as ARTISTRY™, SATINIQUE™, HYMM™ and G&H™

Nutrition: by clicking on this icon, you will be directed to courses that cover supplementation, active lifestyle, weight management and diet-related training themes. This includes brands such as NUTRILITE™/ NUTRIWAY™ and XS™

Home and Living: by clicking on this icon, you will be directed to courses that cover home care, cookware, water treatment and air treatment training themes. This includes brands such as iCOOK™, eSpring™ and AMWAY HOME™

Basic: by clicking on this icon, you will be directed to courses that cover entry level business training themes. These are mostly introductory courses to get a new business partner started or to be used by an upline to introduct basic business information to their downline

Selling: by clicking on this icon, you will be directed to courses that cover selling courses and/or programmes. Some of these courses cover selling techniques in general or may use a product brand to exemplify the selling process. A programme is a collection of training modules, so the duration will not be as short as a single module. For example, some programmes span over a few months for the business partner to learn, understand and assimilate skills at the right time, instead of all at once

Business Building: by clicking on this icon, you will be directed to courses that focus on building the Amway business. It will cover topics for business builders at the level 9% and above, as well as for Platinums and above. Some of the training themes found here are delivered as a single module or as a programme

  • Product Courses and Materials: refers to single modules which cover a single or only a few products within that brand. For example, in Nutrition, there might be a training theme that covers sports and active lifestyle, then showcases a selection of nutrition supplements that support this training
  • Brand Courses and Materials: refers to courses that provide an overview
    and history of the brand. Often, these courses also include competitive benchmarking for the brand
  • Selling: refers to courses and/ or programmes that highlight how to work with and increase sales of the brand as mentioned
  • Special Courses: refers to a course where the learning objective focuses on building skills and competencies beyond just product information

Identify who benefits from a course

  • Whenever a training theme or course is created, we must think of how this would work best for the Amway business partner and their downline
  • This also means that if a leader would like to recommend a course to their group, they can more easily identify who would benefit most
  • In the Course Finder, we have identified which course suits a business partner based on the level that the business partner has reached within the Amway business

All Business Owner Basic

  • Courses will ONLY cover basic product information or basic business information as an introduction
  • Think of it in this way – anyone who is starting completely NEW with a product/ brand or who is starting completely NEW with the Amway business overall should have a look at these materials
  • NOTE: A Platinum can be included here as well, when an ABO has never worked with a brand/ product they need the introductory level first

All Business Owner Basic +

  • Courses cover more than just basic product or business information
  • Courses can include tips or suggestions on cross-selling and how to start building new business skills

Business Builder 12% +

  • Courses found here will be focused on strengthening skills and an Amway business which has already grown to 12% or more
  • Courses can include recommendations on how to build a larger client base or improve communication skills

Platinum +

  • Courses found here will focus exclusively on the needs of Amway business partners who have reached the Platinum or above level
  • Learning objectives indicate what someone should understand or do differently after they have completed the course
  • Learning objectives are matched to the content of the course only
  • This means that one or more recommended audiences could have the same learning objective
  • Think of it this way – a learning objective is like the destination you enter into your GPS device; it is the place you want to arrive at and there may be other people from different locations who want to arrive there too
  • No matter the starting point of the learner, Amway Academy is able to take them to the desired destination by identifying the learning objective and then creating content that brings the learner to that objective

How to find what you want

  • If you are looking for a particular brand, simply type in the name of the brand you are searching for
  • If you are looking for a particular topic/ theme, use the search function
  • Using the suggested terms as they are automatically completed in the search field
  • As you type, the search function will suggest options
  • The ending of the search function can be substituted with different product brand names etc
  • If you are searching for a more general term like e.g. “cross-selling” without connecting it to a specific brand, the same course can show up multiple times, depending on the categories it is in. In this example, it can be a course on cross-selling ARTISTRY™ with NUTRILITE™ with eSpring™. This course is shown in all three product categories. When searching for “cross-selling”, it will show this course three times.
  • If you are looking for a quick win (a shorter course that does not go into intense detail) try using the search term “tips”

  • If you are looking for a more substantial course, try using the search term “increase PV” or “increase sales”
  • Yes, when we created the course finder, we understand that you and your leaders may work in more than one market and for this reason we included the following pop-up dialogue box when the same course is available in more than one market

How courses are offered and how long it takes

  • Delivered as refers to the method how the course is offered to the business partner
  • Duration refers to how long it takes to complete a course, from start to finish

Classroom Training: refers to face-to-face training where both the audience and the trainer are both physically located in the same place at the same time

Virtual Classroom / Webinar / Live Streaming: refers to face-to-face training which is conducted using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) so that the trainer and the audience are connected at the same time; but are not physically located in the same place

Coaching: refers to a form of development where a business partner is supported in achieving a specific goal. This could be offered to the leader to duplicate coaching with their group, or it could be offered to a downline group in conjunction with their uplink leader

Blended: refers to a combination of two or more delivery methods from all possible options

Video: refers to a source that combines a sequence of images to form a moving picture

Interactive Course: refers to an online course that allows the learner to interact

Knowledge Document: refers to a PDF or PPT document which may also include some interactivity

Podcast: refers to a digital audio programme

  • Blended learning combines different delivery methods so that the business partner has a break in between modules to apply what was learnt before and also uses different learning methods which are suited to the module
  • This means that a learner receives training information at different intervals, over a period of two months, but they are not in a classroom or receiving a knowledge document every day for those two months

  • When a course lists a variety of delivery methods, each with their own duration; it means that these are the possibilities of how that course can be offered to an Amway business partner
  • It does not mean that it is offered as a blended delivery method, where the delivery methods for that single course are combined
  • Each delivery method has its own timing; this is why you would see differing duration times linked to each delivery method

Where to find the course in your local market

  • Yes, the course content is delivered in each country in local language
  • The Course Finder, however is available only in English so that anyone across Amway is able to use the Course Finder as a tool
  • Yes, for some markets where English is widely accepted, there may be some courses available which are offered in English
  • Yes, for some markets where Russian is widely accepted, there may be some courses available which are offered in Russian
  • For interactive courses, knowledge documents, videos and podcasts available to all business partners, click on link in course description
  • Remember, you must be logged in as an Amway business partner to access these

Get the most use out of the course finder

  • Using the search function, type in “increase PV”
  • The search will return a list of courses displaying the delivery method of each
  • For a quick win with less time investment look at all the courses offered online e.g Videos, Knowledge Document, etc
  • If you are looking for a bigger time investment from Amway, look for courses delivered live by a trainer and check the course description. Specifically, those named programmes; because these courses often have a pre-requisite and a more substantial offering
  • When you choose and click a category, all courses within this category will be shown in a list. By default, all “NEW” courses will appear first, followed by “recommended for”, then “delivered as”, and then by course title in alphabetical order.
  • Based on your needs you can sort the list by clicking the arrows ▲▼ in the headline

  • “recommended for” appears first, followed by “NEW”, then “delivered as”, and then by course title in alphabetical order

  • “delivered as” appears first, followed by “NEW”, then “recommended for”, and then by course title in alphabetical order

  • Discover training topics that you can suggest to Leaders
  • If a Leader would like to grow a new revenue stream you have the information at your fingertips, for example build an XS business; but they currently only work with ARTISTRY™
  • Find educational gaps where learning courses that are not offered in a particular market
  • These learning courses could have the potential to help Leaders and you as an Account Manager to support qualified months
  • If you feel strongly that a course should be offered, come to talk to us at Amway Academy